Mark Downey

Tel: 850.453.1534
Mark is a 40+ year resident of Pensacola, FL.  The son of an Air Force military Vet (James Downey, deceased), Mark moved 3x in the first 4 years of his life until his father retired to Pensacola.  After retirement, Mark’s father graduated from UWF at the top of his class, and entered into Sports & Recreation, where he was first a Sports Director for the Salvation Army and then the YMCA of Pensacola.

Mark grew up in this environment, often found at the Salvation and YMCA where he first learned the skill of being an entrepreneur.  His father allowed him to start a concession stand for afternoon ball games and the passion started.  Mark not only loved sports, playing Tennis, Baseball, Soccer and Surfing from a young age, but he dreamed of owning his own business.  Upon graduating from UWF (2nd Generation and Proud Alumnus), he immediately entered the Real Estate profession where after 20 years, he still owns his own private “boutique” real estate firm and currently manages nearly $200 million dollars in assets for his clients and has sold over $150 million dollars in residential homes.

Always remembering his passion for sports and as a current member of the PAC, Mark was approached by the owners with news of their interest in selling.  The PAC was in disrepair and in need of a major makeover.  He knew it would be a tough challenge.  Because of his love for Southwest Pensacola, Sports and Recreation; and the lack of recreation facilities therein, Mark knew it was incumbent upon him to save the PAC and ensure that SW Pensacola would always have a nice facility to call home.  So in January of 2017, Mark purchased the PAC and quickly renovated the facility.  Within 35 days, the facility had a new image, new equipment and most of all, a new outlook!

With more changes coming, Mark is certain that the PAC will be the pride of SW Pensacola and is excited to offer families and individuals alike, the opportunity to not just recreate physically, but to be refreshed spiritually too.  Sports and Recreation has always represented more than just competition to Mark; “It’s an opportunity to push your mind, body & spirit to places that one cannot achieve in any other environment”.   Part of Mark’s and his late father’s dream has now been achieved and we hope you will enjoy all that PAC has to offer!

Will Morris

Will is considered the Roger Federer of Pensacola.  Whether destroying any competitor in state tournaments, or teaching others how to play at a high level, Will is definitely the most sought after Tennis Pro in the Greater Pensacola area.  Will has resided at the PAC as the Tennis Director and Tennis Pro for the past 7 years.  Will is like Chuck Norris…except Chuck never taught tennis.  And Will doesn’t hit tennis balls – they turn in opposite directions out of fear of his forehand!

Will is very active with the Tennis membership and works hard to provide activities and clinics for ALL residents of Southwest Pensacola.  Will takes great pride in constantly improving the 6 clay courts and 3 hard courts at the PAC and if he could just get Mark to expand the tennis budget, he believes that the 2020 US Open could be hosted at PAC.  Will is a very dedicated father who enjoys spending time with his approximate 15 kids…only 4 are his but he claims many more.  He of course enjoys time with his fiancé of way too many years (marry her already, Will!).

Max Gutierrez

Member Experience Manager
Max is a California native, who fortunately decided “enough is enough” and moved to Pensacola to originally open an Anytime Fitness™ franchise.  After huge success with AF and desiring a bigger challenge, Max joined Mark at PAC.  Max is responsible for ensuring that all members are happy, thriving and taking steps to help them increase their net worth to $1b each!  But seriously, he doesn’t want people to just sign up and go missing in action – he wants to help them achieve their goals and make fitness part of their daily routine.  Max believes that if our members are constantly improving their lives, they will be fans of PAC for life and will also happily refer their friends…and we love referrals!!
Max has a beautiful wife and a son.  He enjoys spending time with his family, participating in any fitness-style activity and sports in general.  He aspires to play tennis like Will Morris (our tennis pro) one day, but knows he would be lucky to play as well as Mark Downey.  Currently, he can mostly be found on the tennis courts hitting balls over the green fence like Big Poppy at Fenway.

Matt McMillan

Fitness & Pool Director
Matt McMillan is our Fitness & Pool Director.  A self-described “Gym Rat”, Matt says “there is no other place I would rather be!”  Matt truly loves helping people reach their full potential and does so by being a student of the industry.  He is always researching fitness related issues and looking for ways to improve workouts, exercises, equipment, etc.

After retiring from the Navy in 2013 and moving to Pensacola, the passion he had for health and fitness led him to become a certified Master Trainer with ISSA.  He formerly worked at the Downtown YMCA for the past 4 years, including being a huge part of the expansion project at the Downtown Y.  Looking to continue his growth in the industry, he discovered that the PAC had been purchased and was looking to undergo an expansion/remodel project of its own.  Recognizing the need for a premier fitness facility on the Southwest side of Pensacola, Matt knew he could be a vital part of its growth and after joined the team soon thereafter.
When Matt isn’t working, he loves spending time with his family and…well, yes, working out!!!


Aerobic Director/Certified Personal Trainer

No one brings more fun and joy to the PAC than Taylor!  She is a smiling and energetic team member who will not only assist you in obtaining a membership, but she will work hard to ensure that you obtain the exact services that you need. She doesn’t just want to provide you with a fitness membership, she wants to give you a new and healthy lifestyle!  Tay is our Aerobics Director, meaning she coordinates our group class schedule to accommodate our members’ personal fitness needs. As an NCCA accredited certified personal trainer, she can provide quality guidance to our members once they have joined our family.  She teaches various aerobics classes every week (“Get Fit with Tay!”) and offers private and small group training.  Taylor is from South Florida, but we don’t hold that against her. She has an incredible work ethic that she credits to her Dad (& Mom), who taught her how to run a business and provide exceptional service to clients from a young age.

When she is not at the PAC, she enjoys being outdoors, working out (at the PAC), watching Netflix, and sleeping. Some would say she is a professional napper.  We think it’s because she expends so much energy while at PAC that she immediately goes into hibernation after her shift!  Tay also loves spending time with her two cats that she swears act like dogs, boyfriend, and eating sushi or pizza (but you didn’t hear that from us)!


KidFit™ Director
You have heard the hype but it’s time to meet the legend!  Well, at least her hair is legendary!  Brianna is a long time staff member of PAC and has worked with the kids for many years.  Brianna is passionate for kids and truly loves spending time with them.  And trust us, your kids will love spending time with her!  Parents love her as well, because when the kids enjoy coming to the PAC, it makes it easier to continue the lifestyle of fitness.  Brianna doesn’t just allow your children to “sit and do nothing” while in KidFit; she has created fun game and fitness activities to help them stay sharp physically and mentally.  We aren’t sure if Brianna is a real person, because it’s hard to find a person as nice and sweet as she is, but we are happy to have her and we think you will enjoy having her look after your children while you work out.  If you aren’t quite sure who she is when you come in, just look for the big “Poof-Daddy” hairdo and you won’t be able to miss her!  Word on the street is that she hides treats in her hair, which is why the kids like her so much!!  Come meet Bri and see what the hype is all about!  You won’t be disappointed!

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