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  • How long has the PAC been in business?

    The family owned PAC has been serving Pensacola since 1985!   Until 2017, Nancy Norman and White Wise had been the owners and operators of PAC.  What started as a simple indoor fitness facility, quickly grew into a full service fitness facility; complete with an 25 meter pool and 8 Tennis Courts (2 hard and 6 clay courts).

    In January of 2017, Mark Downey, a local Real Estate Broker and Developer who had previously been a member of PAC on and off for decades, purchased the business.  Having attended and graduated from local schools, including UWF, Mark and his family have never left Pensacola and has primarily served the Southwest Pensacola area for over 20 years.  Realizing that SW Pensacola desperately needs a family-style facility, he completely renovated the PAC and is working hard to create more programs to serve the residents of Pensacola.

  • Do you offer short-term membership options?

    Yes we do.  We prefer to offer long term memberships; and unlike most facilities in town, we offer short cancellation periods.  Our belief is that if we help you institute real change in your life, you won’t ever want to cancel your membership with us.  We offer a free consultation with a trainer, both fitness and tennis pro, so you can become familiar with what PAC offers and again, help you quickly implement strategies to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  With many programs and perks for our long term members, we believe you will want to be a part of what we offer!  Nonetheless, if you still desire to just “visit”, we offer both daily, weekly and monthly rates, though at a slightly higher rate.

  • Does PAC have child care type services?

    KidFit is available Monday – Friday 8:00am-12:00pm & 4:00pm-7:30pm, and on Saturday’s from 9:00am-12:00pm.

    We believe that children need to learn a healthy lifestyle and understand fitness from a young age so as a part of the new programs that the PAC has created, we developed a KidFit Program.  This is not “child care”, though we do monitor your children closely and assist them with activities while you work out.  Moreso, it is a program that your children will enjoy attending while you work out, swim, or play tennis.  If your children are excited about coming to the PAC, we know that will enable you to enjoy what we offer as well.  Your children will participate in daily activities to keep them moving as well as plenty of fun and creative games.  For your younger children under 5, they will be able to draw, color, and play with toys and games in a VERY CLEAN environment that we clean daily with disinfectants.  As a side note, if a child is deemed to be sick in any capacity, they will not be able to attend to ensure that “healthy” kids are not exposed to any illness.  We are dedicated to keeping your children safe and healthy.

    Our KidFit Program is free to Grand Slam Single and Grand Slam Family members (2 children for Grand Slam Single and up to 3 children for the GS Family; with an additional fee for more) and you can use it for up to 2 hours per day.  For non-Grand Slam plans, we offer KidFit at a very low daily or monthly rate.

  • Do you have trainers available?

    Definitely!  When you sign-up, we will provide you with a complementary intro with one of our trainers and instructors.  This will enable you to learn more about our equipment, programs, classes, fitness schedules, and most importantly, help develop a plan for your healthy lifestyle success!  We have found that many new members can feel intimidated about starting in a new facility and we feel offering this service will help you become familiar with the gym, etc.  Our trainers/instructors are certified and can provide specialized attention to anyone – whether you are an “novice” or a professional athlete.  Bottom line, we want you to be comfortable with our facility and be able to jump right in and take quick steps to producing positive results.

  • Do you host Tennis leagues and have Tennis Pro’s on staff?

    We have open nights, cardio tennis nights, men’s and women’s open play, and more!  We also host both ladies GPLTL and men’s and women’s USTA leagues. We are always looking for more tennis players so when you join, we will help you get plugged in!

    Yes, we have Tennis Pro’s on staff. Will Morris is our long-time Tennis Director and Pro. Will is the #1 double’s player in Florida and #1 Singles so you can bet we have a GREAT tennis program at the PAC.  Will specializes in teaching Women and Children and currently instructs some of the best talent in the state of Florida. You will not find a better Pro in Pensacola, and maybe statewide!

  • Do you offer swim lessons?

    Yes, we do!  Our swimming instructor is an award winning instructor who has helped children quickly acclimate and learn the basics – and beyond!  We offer both group and private lessons. We recommend that you provide your children with swim lessons starting at a very young age.  We teach basic swimming and survival techniques for all ages.

  • Do you offer a trial membership or promotions?

    We offer various plans all the time. Be sure to ask us about any promotions we may be offering.

  • When is the Pool available?

    Our pool is available during warmer months (typically early March – November) from 8a – 7:30p Monday – Friday and 9-2p Saturdays.  Once the temperature drops below 70, we will close the pool until it warms up again.  We have plenty of swim programs for young and old alike and almost always have “free swim” lanes open to swim laps or just relax and enjoy.

  • Do I need an appointment to take a tour or obtain more answers?

    While we recommend that you schedule a time with one of our friendly staff members, please feel free to come anytime during our “staff” hours of 8a – 7:30p.  If you would like to ensure that you do not have to wait for someone, please email to schedule a time!

  • Can I utilize my health insurance for membership?

    While we do not contract with the health insurance companies directly, we sometimes participate in various fitness plans that are supplemental to your health insurance policy. In particular, we may accept SilverSneakers, Silver & Fit, and Healthy Contributions. We ask that you contact your insurance agent to find out if you have access to any of these fitness plans, then contact us to find out if we are currently accepting these.

  • How does the 24-Hour Fitness membership work?

    There is no additional charge for 24-hour Fitness other than the purchase of a FOB.  When the FOB is touched to the entry door, access to the facility is granted.  You are allowed to use all equipment inside.  The pool is unavailable after 7:30p and the tennis courts are unavailable after 9p.  Please note that we have cameras both inside and outside in the parking lots.  Our camera and security system allows entry to one person at a time.  If a second person walks in with another member, our system detects this and along with facial recognition, we can determine who committed the infraction and the member’s account is charged $35 for the additional non-allowed guest.  For security purposes, guests are NEVER allowed after our staffed hours, which is 8-7:30p M-F and 9-2p Saturdays.  Our staff is off on Sundays, though we do have janitorial staff in regularly to maintain the facility as needed.

  • Do you offer Group discount rates…for Military, Teachers, Students, Cops, etc?

    Yes, we offer discounts to the following:

    1. Military
    2. First Responders
    3. Teachers and School Admin
    4. Corporate (3 minimum from a business to qualify)
    5. Students in High School or College, 25 and under

    We generally offer a reduction off the Registration Fee.  Please contact us for more info on this. We love to give back!


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