PAC it up, Splash it up!

Swimming at the PAC can provide many benefits for our members: a chance to cool off after a vigorous workout; provide a low or intense swim workout or class; provide swim lessons for you or your child; or provide the opportunity to just relax with family and friends.

Our pool is a 25 meters, which is half the size of an Olympic size pool.  This provides our lap swimmers the measurement they need to compare and test themselves against competition.  Whether preparing for an Ironman or swim competition, you will be ready for time trials!

Finally, our pool depth ranges from 4 ft. to 6 ft. allowing a casual and relaxing swim session.   This is perfect for all swimmers and allows us to host games and events in the pool.  We hope to launch Water Polo leagues soon, which will provide many the opportunity to play this incredible water sport without having to tread water the whole time.

PAC members can also enjoy our Aqua Aerobics and Zumba (coming soon) classes.  Classes utilize both the shallow and deep areas of the pool.  The exercises are done stationary and vertically.  Aqua aerobics offers many health benefits among which includes the reduction of risk of muscular or joint injury.  The buoyancy of the water lessens impact on the joints and allows for a better range of motion.  Blood pressure is also lessened with the lack of gravitational pull on the extremities.

Our “free swim” pool hours are the most anywhere in Pensacola.  Most days, we have approximately 12 hours of free swim time!

As a 24-hour facility (starting May 2017) our pool hours will be as follows:  M-F 8a-7:30p; Sat 9-2p; Sun Closed.  Our Pool will remain open from approximately the first of March thru November – as long as the temp of the pool stays above 70 degrees.  It will be closed below these temps. Because of the price point of our pool membership and being inclusive of our Fitness Membership, members will be able to work out year-round!